Using WordPress Part 1

Every so often I do some posts on using WordPress.

This time I have a couple of projects ging so I am going to use one of them to take from registering the domain name till when ever.

If you go to the website now, you will see what the website looks like today, October 2017, in it’s infancy.

I use to get my domain names. Once I have a desired name I put it in to my cPanel web hosting server.

From there I can install wordpress and start setting it up.

I choose a Theme, and this gives us access to a number of features and formats.

The front page of the website with the them of Philomina gives you four tall pictures. Each of these pictures leads to a post story, which if you look at the website when I wrote this do not go any where. One of the todo things is to make these pages meaningful. When ever you are working with themes you need to consider the layout. In this case, to get the website to work on PCs, tables and phones, I had to create four pictures, each 845 tall and 420 wide, this is then handled by WordPress to make them fit where ever they are viewed.

Pictures are a big part of a website, so you need to get dozens from the business/group you are doing the work for so you can create contextual articles. I would suggest that you need between two and four on each page. Have a look at this example:



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