Using OpenCart

Very easy to install using this Youtube Video.

Once I had done that I was a matter of exploring and setting up,

Areas of interest

Shop Menu Location Information

About Us

Catalog >> Information >> About Us Also has Delivery Information, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Banners (Home Page)

System >> Design >> Banners

Contact Us

System >> Settings >> Edit Store >> General  Menu webpage


Extensions >> Modules >> Featured

Site Logo

 System >> Settings >> Edit Store >>Image >>Store Logo >>Browse Files  You can upload a new image or use one you have

Special Offers

Catalog >> Products >> Edit a Product >> Special tab >> Add Special Automatically appear when you go here.

 Site Styles

 dir oc/catalog/view/theme/”your theme”/stylesheet/stylesheet.css You need to be able to have command line access or ftp access to your website to be able to makes changes to the stylesheet

 Top Menu

 file catalog/view/theme/mystockimages/template/common/header.tpl create copy of file, then delete what is not needed.


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50 something geek, who has owned way too many computers.
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