Using Google Docs to put a form in to Joomla.

This tutorial will help you put a Google Form in to your Joomla website. You will be able to send people to a page on your website where you can have them fill out the form. Once they have done this the results of the form are saved to a Google Spreadsheet that you can view.

You must have a Google account for this to work.

  • Go to your Google account
  • Go to Drive
  • Create a new documents, a Form
  • Give it and name place in a folder.
  • Put in the various elements of this formt that you want, questions, multiple choices, check boxes, etc.
  • Now Embed
  • On the form, click on More Actions in the top right hand corner.
  • Click on Embed
  • A small text window opens with some code in it.
  • Copy this code
  • Open up your Joomla website as the administrator
  • Create a new article
  • Give it an appropriate name
  • We need to copy this code in to the form,
  • Click on the [show/hide] words at the top of the editor, just above the icons.
  • Paste in this iFrame code
  • Save
  • What I do, because I want this form to be prominent, is to create a new menu item that links to this form and I put this menu item to the left of HOME.
  • Click on Menus
  • Click on Top Menu (This may differ for you)
  • Click on New
  • Choose Menu type of ‘Single Article’
  • Give it a name
  • Select the article this is to display, being the article we created previously
  • Save
  • Move this Menu in the list to be above Home.

Check the form on your website and adjust as needed.

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