Un-Brick a WRTGL router

Something a little different and rather technical, specially as I will be doing this using a Linux CentOS Server.

  1. Download the stock standard firmware. Version 1.0: WRT54GL_FW_4.30.14.005_20091026.bin (Right-Click and choose ‘Save As…’) (This is version 1.0 from http://www.linksysbycisco.com/UK/en/support/WRT54GL/download)
  2. Make sure you have tftp installed on your Linux box.
  3. In one terminal window have a ping that you can start and stop to ping the bricked router
  4. ping
  5. In a second terminal windows run the following commands:
    1. tftp
    2. binary
    3. rexmt 1
    4. timeout 60
    5. trace
      Returns (Packet tracing on.)
    6. put [name of file] mine was (WRT54GL_FW_4.30.14.005_20091026.bin)
  6. now plug power in to the bricked router
  7. you should soon see a whole lot of:
    sent DATA <block=6567, 512 bytes>
    received ACK <block=6567>
  8. This means data is going to the router, finally you should go back to tftp> with a success, now wait.
  9. The router should reboot and the power light some come on and not blink.
  10. in a web browser try and go to
  11. Your router is now unbricked.

Helpful Sites



This may help people playing Gargoyle

I downloaded the bin file for Gargoyle, gargoyle_1.4.6-wrt54g-squashfs.bin, for my Linksys wrt54gl.

  • Under the website I did a firmware upgrade.
  • Would appear that I ended up with a brick.
  • Power light flashes no ping response on
  • Did a hard reset, no luck
  • Did the 30-30-30 thing no luck.
  • Did what I have written above to try and get the original firmware back on the router.
  • This is where it got interesting!
  • I entered: put WRT54GL_FW_4.30.14.005_20091026.bin
  • Put the power back in to the router.
  • Got lots of sent WRQ <file=WRT54GL_FW_4.30.14.005_20091026.bin, mode=octet>, but no upload.
  • And I started getting ping responses.
  • did not work though.
  • So did the put again, still no upload but ping responses stopped and then started again.
  • I was busy and went off and did something else for 15 minutes. Came back and thought I’d try the website again.
  • came up with time with Gargoyle.
  • Things may differ, you may need a power off as well.

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