Streaming using Youtube

Setting up a laptop to stream it’s camera, Desktop to a Youtube Channel.

  1. Get your channel verified.
    1. Login to your channel then go to
    2. Get a txt with the verification number and enter
    3. You are now verified and should be taken to this page
  2. Enable Live Streaming
    1. Go to the section on this page and [Enable] Live Streaming
    2. Accept the Terms and Conditions
    3. This takes you to
    4. Just above Events click on Stream Now
  3. Set Up encoding software
    1. You can go to this page
    2. Or just go here and download the OS project, Get OBS Studio, about 34 MBs
    3. Install this software
      1. You may have to install extra software, depending on your computer.
      2. Run for the first time and agree to the License
      3. OBS01
    4. Register this Player with YouTube
      1. Click on Settings in the bottom right
      2. Click on the Globe… Stream
      3. Change Service to YouTube / YouTube Gaming
      4. Leave the Server settings as is.
      5. Get your Stream Key from your
      6. This is found under Encoder Setup, Click [Reveal], copy the key and paste in to the Stream Key of OBS
      7. Click Okay
  4. Start Streaming
    1. First choose what you want to Stream.
    2. Under Sources, click the + and choose Video Capture Device
    3. Choose Create New
    4. Name it Laptop Camera
    5. OK
    6. You should now see what your laptop camera can see.
    7. Finally OK
    8. Now you should have your camera as a source.
    9. Resize on the screen as needed.
    10. Now click on Start Streaming over on the bottom right.
    1. Back at your you should now see your live stream from your camera.
    2. The URL for this stream is found on the page, bottom right, Share.
    3. Test this url on a different computer
    4. Check that the sound works.
    5. Quality may come and go depending on your connection where you are producing and where you are viewing.


Download and Install

During the installation process




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