Site Map for Joomla!

Once you have a webmaster account with Google and your website is registered, there are a few things that we need to do.

One is for google to have a site-map of your website.

  1. You need to install this extension in to your Joomla website.
  2. Go to Components -> Xmap
  3. You will be asked to turn on a couple of components, do so.
    enable them visiting the extensions manager: com_content, com_weblinks
  4. Now have a look at this page to set things up.
  5. Once saved, make sure it is public.
  6. Click on XML Sitemap to bring up the xml page.
  7. Submit this page URL to Google under
    2. Go to your site in the list
    3. Go to left hand menu: Site configuration -> Sitemaps
    4. Click on Add/Test Sitemap
    5. Test first and if there are no errors add it.

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