Setting up a New Site

Setting up a new Joomla 1.7 website.

Installing useful extensions.JCE

  1. From our repository. Base Extension.
  2. From developer site.
  3. Extra addons, go to Components -> JCE -> Install Addons
    1. File Manager
    2. iFrame
    3. Image Manager
    4. Media Manager
    5. Template Manager
      You will need to download these to your local PC before you can upload and install them to JCE.

Install template from artisteer

  1. The first time the template comes in it must be installed from the extension manager, Extensions -> Extension Manager, Package File, Browse then Upload & Install.
  2. Now go to Extensions -> Template Manager, and make this uploaded template the Default.

Ozio Gallery

  1. From our repository. Base Extension.
  2. From developer site.
  3. Once installed it becomes an item that can be assigned in to menus.
  4. Go to Components -> Oziogallery3 to learn more on how to use this tool

Chrono Forms

  1. From our repository. Base Extension.
  2. From developer site.
  3. Extra plugin for using forms in articles.
  4. Once these are installed they appear as items in Components, this is a powerful form creation tool, which also means you do need to know how to program in PHP to get the most our of them.
    Have a play and see how you get on, also have a look at the tutorials on the developers website.


This is a number of addons to Joomla that is avalable from us, but as it is a paid for add on I can not place instructions here on how to do it, except for the installer.

  1. From our repository. Base Extension.

Google Maps

  1. From our repository. Base extension
  2. From developers site.
  3. After install, go to Plug-in manager, enable Google Maps
  4. You need a google account.
    Have a look at this page to get started.
  5. Once you have a valid key place it in Googlemaps API Key,on the right and save.
    Use the test script on this pave in an article to see it working.


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