Putting a Template in to Opencart

Having been paying around with Opencart lately, I now need to put a new template in to a site.


Being on version 1.5.4, it was very easy.

The template you want to use must be compatible with 1.5.4, or the version you are one now.

A template for 1.5.4 should have a structure like this

  • Directory with the Name of Template
    • Sub directory called images
    • Sub directory called stylesheet
    • Sub directory called template

In version 1.5.4, copy the directory with the name of the template in to /catalog -> View -> theme.

You should see a template in there called default.

Go in to the admin site of the site, System -> Edit your store -> Store -> Template
And change to the one you want to use.

Once installed, you will need to refresh your browser to see the changes. (ctrl-r)

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