Multiple Language Website

Using Polylang from

  1. Install from the plugin & Activate.
    1. Hover on Plugins
    2. Click on Add New
    3. Search on Polylang
  2. Now go to Setting -> Language
    1. Allow Polylang to install Lingotek Translation
    2. Activate the Plugin
    3. Create the account and login to Lingotek, you will then be taken back to your website
    4. We will finish this portion later.
  3. Now go back to Setting -> Language
    1. You will already have English as a Language, now install another one.
    2. Save
  4. To get the ball rolling, go to Posts -> All Posts
    1. You will see a Blue + on the far right, underneath the flag of the country you just added.
    2. Clicking the blue + will create a duplicate page that is the language copy for the original English page.
    3. Do create the needed other language pages.
    4. In my case I had five English pages that I wanted to be
  5. Now we want to create the other language menu, go to Appearances -> Menu
    1. Create a new Top Menu
    2. Define it as the primary Português (or what ever is your other language) menu
    3. Add pages and other menu items to reflect what you have on the English language menu
    4. You do not need to create a total mirror, you are free to develop each language as you like, but that does defeat the purpose of have a multi language site, try to only create pages in both languages and reflect them in the menus.

I did need to go back and change some of the original posts from English to Português

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