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Recently I do most of my blog reading on my new Samsung. I have a few minutes free I jump on to the ‘net and have a read.
So straight out I want this site to be mobile friendly!

Either go here to down load the plugin to your PC or directly from the creator here.

  1. As the administrator, go to Plugins.
  2. Go to Add New.
  3. Go to Upload.
  4. Now click on Choose File, and browse to where you downloaded the zip file to from above.
  5. Click on Install Now.
  6. Click on Activate Plugin.
  7. Now on the plugin page you will see the WPtap Mobile Detector plugin, it is in bold and it is active.
  8. Your almost done.
  9. We now need to download a good mobile theme to use. I have used Möbius, you can get it from me here, or from them here.
  10. Once you have downloaded it, click on Appearance.
  11. Click on the Tab, Install Themes.
  12. Click on Upload.
  13. Click on Choose File and browse to where the Möbius download is.
  14. Click on Open.
  15. Click on Install Now.
  17. Back on the Dashboard menu, go to Mobile Detector.
  18. In all the Devices, change the Theme to Möbius, and Update.
Remember to comment if you find I have missed a step.

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