making Joomla 1.7 Mobile friendly

Since I got my Samsung Galaxy, I am doing more and more surfing on  a tiny screen. It also meant that I now need to ware reading glasses more. The joys of turning 50. So all website that I work with I also make mobile friendly, like this one. This article is about making Joomla 1.7 mobile friendly.

Currently using and happy with Mobile Joomla from here. Not that expensive.

  1. Once you have the file it needs to be installed.
  2. Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Upload Package File, browse, then Upload & Install.
  3. You may get a TeraWURFL error, don’t worry about this.
  4. Not go to Components -> Mobile Joomla! -> Settings.
  5. Under Global settings set Domain (multisite) support to yes.
  6. Set Smartphone to m. of your domain name (i.e.
  7. Set iPhone to i. of your domain name (i.e.
  8. Set redirect to both to yes.
  9. SAVE
  10. You need to have access to your dns records to make this work, if you do not, then you need to move your website to my servers. (Unashamed self promoting plug there.)
  11. The easiset way I have found to make this work is to park on top of your domain m. & i.
  12. So for, I created a park record of &
    now when you go to you get the smart phone version and you get the version.
  13. Test.


You will want to set up your site to be designed around a phone and tablet experience.

The m. site uses the template mobile_pda

When dealing with the top menu in the pda site, once I moved off from Home to another menu item:

  • the top menu disappeared and was replaced with Breadcrumbs.
  • To over come this under Extensions -> Module Manage
  • Go to the Mobile Menu in question
  • Under Basic Options change Type
  • [Submenu Only] to [Cutent level with submenus]

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