Joomla and Front End Editors

What I needed was the ability for dozens of people to be able to edit their single page and only their single page in a Joomla Website.So I set up about 30 users and 30 individual listings (articles).

  • Each article was owned by the user.
  • The users all belonged to the same User Group
  • The Articles are all going to belong to the same Category.
  • The User Group permissions where set to Site Login and Edit Own.

When I logged in as a user I saw the article they owned and it had a edit icon on it. I could go in to the article and edit it, but when I licked on save it came back with an error saying I needed to assign a Category. BUT the category drop down was empty.

The solution, which is rather non-intuitive and if anyone can steer me straighter I would appreciate it, was to go to

  • Global Configurations -> Permissions -> ‘the desired User Group’ and
  • set Create to Allowed.
  • Then Save
  • Then I had to go to Edit an Article Category
  • Choose the Category all the Articles appear in
  • Change the Permissions at the bottom for this User Group to
  • Edit Own and Create

In both these cases the Create options seems odd. As I do not what the user to be able to create articles only edit their single assigned article.

Having made these changes and done some testing, all is working as I would want and they can edit their article but not create new ones.


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