Joomla 2.5

Long time no post, been busy on my other site:

To day I am installing a Joomla 2.5 site on cPanel with Fantastico.
So once installed by Fantastico you have something lime this:

And click Finish installation.

If you now go to the website, we get an error.

Database connection error (1): The MySQL adapter 'mysqli' is not available.

Bummer. This is a bit of a pain and what needs to happen is this line in configuration.php which says

public $dbtype = 'mysqli';

needs to be changed to

public $dbtype = 'mysql';

You can use the file manager in cPanel to get to this file and edit the line. It is about 14 lines from the top.
Once this is done you can go to your websit and it should show up with the default template.
Login to the back end and diable your site in Golbal Setting till you are ready for the wrold to see it. Remember never say your site is under construction. Nothing stops people from returning to your site than seeing this statement twice. Once you first tell them about it or they find it, and the second time they might return in interest and find nothing has changed.
So get busy and get your site ready for people to see you up and running.

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