I freaking love technology.

As we get ready to do some work with YWAM in Kona, at their University there, I think about all the things that technology currently allows us to do.

Thirty years ago it took me six weeks to communicate with family and friends back in the Wairarapa. Three weeks for a letter to get home and three weeks for a reply, if the wrote the same day, to get back to me.

Now? If we are both online, three seconds.

Phone calls back then were hugely expensive and I could only really make them collect. (Anyone under 20 know what a collect call is?) Also it took about two hours for the call to go though, as we only had four phone lines that left the city of a hundred thousand.

The only way I had to communicate with lots of people was to type a letter out, take it to a photocopy shop, get copies run off, take them home, write a personal note and post them. Today we have facebook, youtube, twitter, txting, phone calls, pinterest, and on and on goes the list.

I don’t love technology for it’s always on capacity, actually that part of it I hate. Weekends my phone stays in my office. Emails DO NOT get read. I never listen to messages on my phone, what to get hold of me… txt me. We must not let technology rule us, we must rule it. It is an aid, and when it stops being an aid and becomes an addiction we need to chop it off at the needle.

I love technology for levelling the playing field.

For making what used to be locked up in books on dusty shelves available to anyone.

For making classrooms, that intimidate non standard learnings, available.

To be able to pause a lecture, look up wikipedia, think about what was being said, rewind and replay the point so you understand it, is the liberating power of technology.

Technology has joined generations together.

The $30.00 smart phone.

There was a time when there were content makers and content consumers, and the two never met. To become a content maker was exorbitantly expensive, even hard to become known.

We still have the unfortunate legacy in music (generally) when the actual makers, to become known, have to give up the right to their own creation to suits. This is changing.

To win american idol, you’ve got talent or the voice is a death nail to your carrier, where are the previous years winners? So too, to get a great music contract works against you. Not only do you no longer own your music, you can only make money if you tour. You have entered a machine where you are the oil, to be used and discarded.

Rather we now look for the next fresh voice on your tube, music ninja, pandora, to name a few.

Long may the playing field be levelled.

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