HTML Title Tags

Titles in Joomla.

When you go to a web-page on a Joomla site you will see in the Tab Heading at the top of your browser the Title of the page your current page.The title is a pretty important tag. Here are a couple of articles to have a read of.
From Google There is a lot on this page to do!

The basic things to do:

  • Every page needs a title tag
  • Every title tag must be unique
  • Make the title tag meaningful
  • The title must be less that 64 characters long

This title is derived a couple of different ways:

  1. If this page is referenced by a menu, then the title is set by the menu.
    1. Go to the Menu menu.
    2. Choose the Menu to edit
    3. Choose the Menu item to edit
    4. On the right, open up Page Display Options
    5. Enter a desired title in to Browser Page Title.
  2. If you have come to this page as set by another page then the title will be set by the article being displayed.

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