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I have a new customer that want to use google docs.
This is how we set them up and set them up with Google webmaster tools.
and for education

This will allow you to have up to ten accounts with Google at no cost. Click on Get Started.

  1. You need a domain name (see me for one).
  2. Enter your domain name in the page link above.
  3. The first user I create is webmaster, I would use this to manage this account for my customer.
  4. Nice strong password.
  5. Enter “About” information.
  6. For now I enter my address, this can be changed later.
  7. Accept and create my account.
  8. Next screen: Users and Group -> Setup Google Groups (only)
  9. Set things up as needed.
  10. Under Dashboard we need to activate your account, you will need access to your website ftp account.
    1. Google will want you to down load a small file to your computer.
    2. Next they will want you to upload this to your website.
    3. The easiest way to do this is to login to cPanel for your website.
    4. If you are one of my customers, I will have previously provided you with a user name and password to your copy of cPanel.
    5. Login to cPanel
    6. Go to File Manager
    7. Upload the file from Google to public_html
  11. Once you have put the Google file on your website click verify.
  12. You will want to set up users.


Once you have a google account for your domain, there are a number of tools that you might what to activate.

Creating Users

  1. When you are logged in to your google account as the administrator, go to this url
  2. Where is the domain name that you registered.
  3. Click on Organization & Users and create users as needed.

Or logging in as the webmaster. This is usally the name I used to set up the administrator of a site.
Where websitename is your domain name.

MX Records


Setting up webmaster account.

See this article.


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