Google Analytics [Updated] 2014

Once you have registered with Google (see here & here), we now want to get in to the Analytics side of your Google account.
In side, you should see your website in the list, something like this:

The direct link in

If this is not so, then just add your website using the Add A Site.

Otherwise click on Manage Site and click on Google Analytics property. This should take you to the sign up page.

  1. Click on sign up
    Or if you are going there another time you may be asked to associate the website with Google Analytics. (Do so!)
  2. On the new page give yourself a name( related  to your website)
  3. Then your websites URL
  4. Time Zone
  5. Chose Data Sharing Settings
  6. Change User Agreement your country
  7. Tick Yes and Create Account

The Google Analytics start page should appear.

Once you have an account set-up you need to add the tracking code to your site!

[UPDATE] March 10 2014

  1. Under the list of accounts, (maybe only one)
  2. Open the account (Should have a globe next to it)
  3. This will load all the features for your account.
  4. At the very top choose Admin
  5. Under Admin choose Tracking Info
  6. Under Tracking Info choose Tracking Code
  7. This will open up the <script> code you need to place in your site
  8. Now drop down to the Joomla Section.


  1. Under the list of accounts, (maybe only one)
  2. Open the Account and go to the Profile [DEFAULT]
  3. This may take you to Standard Reporting, with not information.
  4. Along the top of the menus, go to Admin
  5. Now go to Tracking Code
  6. Section 2: has the code to paste in to your site.

Paste in to Joomla.

  1. Joomla: copy this in to the Extensions |  Template Manager | Template | default template | “name” Details | Edit mail page Template | Source Code | Copy this code just before </head> | Save and Close
  2. If you ever change this template you will have to do this again!
  3. Word Press: You need to download and and install this plugin.
  4. Activate the Plugin
  5. Go to Settings for the Plugin
  6. Click here to authenticate with Google
  7. Already be logged in to your Google Analytics account!
  8. This will take you to the Google page where you will Grant Access.
  9. Select the correct Account
  10. Select the correct Profile
  11. Set In the header (default)
  12. Show advanced setting [tick]
  13. Logged in Users [tick]
  14. Post type [tick]
  15. Update Google Analytics Settings
  16. DONE

Multiple websites in Analytics is setup at

  2. Go to Admin (top right hand corner)
  3. Go to the Account (Generally only one)
  4. Click on  + New Properties
  • Enter Property Name
  • Website URL
  • Time Zone
  • Click Create property
  1. Now enter this site
  2. as before go to Tracking code and copy this sites tracking code to your website.


You will need the sites in Analytics to be cross linked with webmaster/tools for this to work. Generally if you only have one website you are going to track for an account, then the steps here will achieve this. But if later you want to add more websites to an Analytics account you must go back to webmaster/tools, add a site there and under Manage site link to Google Analytics.

Still trying to track if this is totally correct. But regardless this is still good practice.

Just sign up for Google Analytics :

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