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Making your listing count.

There is a very simple standard that must be followed for your listing.

  1. Place the name of your business as the title of the article.
  2. The first section of the article is the “Business Card” that appears on the group listings.
  3. Do include your business type, your name and your phone number here.
    Please keep this section to only two lines so we can keep consistency in the Listing page.
    IT, Websites, Internet Security, Tony Arcus.
    PH : 06-379-6668, Cell: 021-827-660
  4. This is followed by the READ MORE marker. This must be present and it must be the third line of your article.
  5. The rest of the article can be pretty much anything you like.

Make it count.

There are a number of extra things that you need to do, not just for this page, but for your own website as well.

  1. Title Tags. See here.
  2. Metadata. See here.
  3. Site Map.
  4. Google Webmaster.
  5. Re-write URLS
  6. Google Analytics.

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