favicon.ico what is it?

It is the little icon that appears at the top of your browser next to your tab name in Chrome or next to the url in firefox and explorer.

To create an icon for Joomla:

  1. To make my life easy I use Gimp, download and install from here.
  2. Once you have Gimp started, open up the picture you want to shrink and use as your icon. Note: that the finished icon will only be 16 pixels by 16 pixels.
  3. What I do is look for a picture I like that is 80×80, not too much detail but having a feel for what my site is.
  4. I crop my original picture to only this 80×80 pixel picture
  5. I now shrink this down to 16×16, and check that this looks okay
  6. I now save this picture as favicon.ico on my laptop
  7. I accept the default settings for this from gimp.
  8. Now having saved this ico file I need to transfer it to the template folder on my joomla website. This is generally something like “mysite”/templates/templatename/
  9. The icon will now appear on the tab you are viewing.


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