Electronic bookcase

Too many ideas not enough time. So here is another idea.
We were recently in the US with my daughter and her new in-laws. We had a great time with them and one of the things I always enjoy doing is looking in bookcases. Gregg and Kathy had lots of books. Unfortunately I have been noticing, with the advent of ereaders, that our bookcase are getting out of date and dusty. Also it is rather impolite to ask to have a look inside someone’s ereader.
So here is the idea:

  • Having a WiFi enabled picture frame.
  • You get to put your public ebooks into this.
  • Friends come over, the picture frame is known to be public, they get to browse this picture frame bookcase.
  • Being WiFi they get to down load any interesting books
  • and also up load any of their interesting public books.
  • They can rate the books in the bookcase.
  • If you have a review for a book you can upload this as well.

Who wants to help me with building a prototype?

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