Being found by the algorithms

A big part of my business is SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. Now I am not a neat freak, and SEO really is something that a neat freak gets in to. I do have OCD, that does kind of help.

Any way the point of this article is to get you to think about when you do a thing:

  1. Email News Letter
  2. Website Post
  3. Intragram
  4. Facebook Post
  5. 360 Google Map
  6. Google Business Listing

All these activities need to be interlinked.

So I go this email today with this picture in it.
Now this picture has a hash, it is:

base64: 40k3upBuACxDfaB/UjKOpw==

This is really geeky but fun. As that email went out around the world, algorithms all over the world saw it. Googles algorithms would have seen it multiple times as many of the emails would have ended up in gmail. But then Microsoft would have seen it with and, AOL would have seen it, Yahoo, Apple and countless other algorithm in various businesses would have seen it and taken note. Now to make that work for us.

At the same time this email goes out, you want to use exactly the same picture in a Facebook Page Article, in an Instagram upload, and very importantly in a post on your website. Also put it in your Google Business Listing as a new Photo. This exposure is very good for making you FOUND. That is what this is about. To be found when people search for related things about you, that you have already shown off to the world.

Here is something to consider: my website will also be seen today by Google, Microsoft, Facebook. Once as I cross post this article to those platforms and as their spiders crawl my website, as they do almost ever week. Now inside these mega companies, their algorithms will make a connection between me and the originators of this picture.

Okay, my Bad.

I realise I have just made a pile of work for you.

It goes like this:
Everything you do on the ‘net must be multi purposed. Things can not be done in isolation.
Everything you do must flow with everything else you do.
This is part human centred design and algorithm centred desire.
You want to get noticed and once noticed you want to be remembered. Not just by people but by all the algorithms out there that the search engines employ.

How Who What When Why
Website Interested Parties Summary & Details weekly Validity
Website Blog Fans 30+ Fun, current events weekly Validity
Instagram Fans 30- hashtags, pics daily Validity
Facebook Fans 23+   Articles, events bi-weekly Validity
YouTube Serious Fans  Teaching & Fun weekly Validity
Twitter Nerds  EVERYTHING daily Validity
Snap-chat Fans 30-  hashtags, pics daily Validity

Website articles must have pictures, notice the ‘s’. Two to four pictures, not too big not too over powering, preferably pictures you have already used on Instagram and Snap-chat. The same with Website blog articles, if you run a blog, and in almost all cases you should. All website articles are also reposted to Facebook, Instagram and Snap-chat, Twitter and oh I forgot to put in Pinterest. 

As a result of using the same material everywhere, of doing this often, you become a content provider, and if you do this well enough you will most likely be freebooted. You will also come to the attention of the algorithms, which is what we want. Oh and here is my third picture.


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