Banner Pictures

I have some really nice pictures of the Wairarapa that I want to put in the banner.
Now I know that the banner picture is  1000×288 px, so the first thing I did was to create five images that where also 1000×288 px.
Having created the images I now need to get them in to the banner.
You can only do this if you are the administrator.

  1. Go to the Appearance menu.
  2.  I am using the default theme, Twenty Eleven.
  3. Go to the Option: Header.
  4. Start uploading your 1000×288 px images.
  5. I uploaded five images.
    This created an section called Uploaded Images
  6. I then clicked on the Random option and saved.
  7. I’m done, and you are seeing pictures from around the Wairarapa, and my daughters bedroom.
Remember to comment if you find I have missed a step.

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